Big Sky Cinema - Scenic Drive-in Entertainment in the South Downs

Drive-in cinema

beautiful locations In the South Downs and beyond

Scenic Drive-in Entertainment for Everyone

With so many events cancelled this summer, the need for fun and entertainment is more important than ever before. As filmmakers living in East Sussex, we were missing art and cinema and so decided to launch the ultimate drive-in cinema experience, allowing people to enjoy films in beautiful locations.

We’re offering state of the art sound and screens, alongside locally sourced food and drink, in environmentally-friendly packaging. All this will be delivered to your car while watching your favourite film. The whole experience can be enjoyed while staying safe and socially distanced.

Films will be screened on the WORLD’S LARGEST Mobile LED Screens, the iCONIC 100 screens have redefined the meaning of the term ‘Big Screen’ and add huge impact to your favourite movie.
Audio wil be streamed directly to your car stereo via an FM Radio transmitter.
If you don’t have an FM Radio in your car you can download one to your phone before the event.


Keeping everyone safe

Your safety is important and we want everyone to go home feeling good. We have also taken steps to ensure we are fully compliant with all government restrictions on social distancing. Our list of FAQs has more detailed information about how this will work and how we will keep you safe at our event.

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